Cocktails on Tap

A Mixed Drink Revolution

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Well, this proverb proved true in the making of the Main Street Meats bar. The restaurant is small, but where there’s great food, there must be great cocktails. So a little improvisation was in order. Because the space is so limited, and mixing drinks to order would be inefficient, we thought how about draft cocktails? What started as a limitation, became a mixed drink revolution.

Batch cocktails on tap are genius for several reasons outside of convenience. Recipes can be perfected. Consistency can be achieved. And by god, when you taste that old fashioned, you’ll be a believer after a single sip.

You’ll also notice our bar is very whiskey-forward. Draft cocktails. Craft beer. One vodka. One rum. One tequila. And 280 whiskeys. It’s just how we do things around here. And don’t forget to check out our weekly tipple– cause who couldn’t use a beer and a whiskey shot after a long day?

Something nice about cocktails

Something nice about cocktails