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As a local Chattanooga butcher shop, quality is our lifeblood and the driving force of our work here at Main Street Meats. That means we seek to sell and serve the best and purest cuts of meat and other products, partnering only with the area’s best farmers. This results in humanely raised animals, great genetics, and unprecedented freshness. 

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The Cuts of a Cow from Our Local Butcher Shop
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Traditional Cuts and Beyond

At our butcher shop in Chattanooga, you’ll of course find some traditional cuts of meat, but we also pride ourselves on our whole-animal approach to butchery. Our meat cutters are artists in their own right…they have a skill for breaking down the animal in a way so that each part can serve a greater purpose. Every single piece of meat and bone and fat can be used to make something incredible – at our shop, absolutely nothing goes to waste.

The classic ribeye combines great flavor and texture due to a marbling of fat that keeps this cut tender during the cooking process.

Versatile and sure to satisfy, beef short ribs may require long cook times, but they’re nearly impossible to mess up. When cooked properly, this meat will literally fall right off the bones.

Taken from the most desirable part of the rib cage, this delicious cut features a flavor that more closely resembles roast beef than steak. They don’t call it ‘prime’ for nothin', friends.

Strip steak is half of a porterhouse or T-bone without the filet mignon. Particularly delicious and cut from a muscle on the loin, this steak’s tenderness is rivaled only by the ribeye or filet mignon itself.

Our favorite of the "butcher’s cuts," bavette literally means "Bibb" because it’s flat and wide. We serve Sirloin Bavette instead of Flank Bavette because we like the marbling and texture. All the flavor for half the price.

A go-to if you’re after melt-in-your-mouth tenderness, the best beef brisket requires slow, moist cooking methods. This cut comes from the lean breast muscle, and is often used to make corned beef or pastrami.

USDA Certified Butcher
Artisanal Butchery

Our Chattanooga butcher shop is USDA certified and inspected daily to ensure best practices, which helps to further ensure the caliber of our products. But at the core of what we do is a passion for artisanal butchery. This isn’t some crank-em-through, assembly-line effort. This is artistry. This is ingenuity. This is taking the time to do it right.

Behind our case, knowledge and skill meet innovation – and the truth is, you can taste the difference. Why is ours the best burger you’ve ever had? Because our butchers understand how whole-animal butchery elevates the meat experience. It’s that simple.

Upscale Comfort Food from The Heart
Seasoning Meat at Chattanooga's Butcher Shop Cuts of Meat at Chattanooga's Butcher Shop

Chef Erik Niel is driven by a deep appreciation for where food comes from, and the process of preparing from beginning to end is something that heavily influences his approach to cooking. When he and his wife Amanda took over this Chattanooga butcher shop, they knew it would become a critical part of the Chattanooga food scene.

One of the Owners of Chattanooga's Butcher Shop